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This must have been the first train I ever saw - The Hightown Flyer 1432, 1440 or 1438?

I have been involved in model railways since an early introduction to Tri-ang Railways by a school friend in the 1950s, progressing to my own Hornby Dublo 3 rail layout with 'Duchess of Montrose' and the usual 0-6-2T 'N2' style tank locomotive. With the introduction of Hornby Dublo 2 rail in 1959, the three rail was exchanged for a new 'R1' 0-6-0T passenger set and later, the goods set was added. 

N gauge was then tried, but, in its early form it was found to be unreliable in running qualities and a return to 00 gauge followed, using kitbuilt bodies on proprietory chassis. There was also a brief visit to the world of TT, using GEM kits on Triang chassis, whilst living in Lytham St Annes and Lancaster.

When H09 narrow gauge appeared courtesy of Eggerbahn, a layout was built in the then popular 'rabbit warren' style, but early Eggerbahn has similar qualities to early N gauge and this was abandoned. A better form of narrow gauge was the 5.5mm to the foot kits produced by GEM and an end to end layout appeared with  a model of 'Prince' and a few wagons, some I still have - I have recently acquired a GEM Dolgoch and two matching coaches, along with some Tillig TT locomotives. 

When I moved to Montacute, I joined Yeovil Model Railway Club and the 009 society (I was number 52 in those long off days! - and still am as they kindly let me have my old number when I rejoined the other year!!!) and built a 009 layout, which was featured in Practical Model Railways and featured a scrapyard with an abandoned narrow gauge station building as their office (based on the WHR's Dinas). 

When I had an Advertising Agency, Dapol became one of my clients and I later joined the staff, locating the building which was to become the Doctor Who and Model Railway World in Llangollen. I was also involved with the move of Wrenn's equipment from Basildon to Winsford and on to Llangollen.

In the 1990s, I became model railway editor of Model and Collectors Mart, the editor of Model Railway Gazette and later, Model Railway Collector and then, Model Tracks, before changing to the editor of 4x4 & Off Road Mart, 4x4 Enthusiast and then e-publishing.

It was during the 1980s, I decided to make the change to 7mm narrow gauge (On16.5 as it was known then), using Stephen Poole white metal kits on Hornby chassis, along with brass etched and white metal kits, supported by my scratch building in plasticard.

Since then, I have modelled in 00, HO, 009, 0n16.5, 7mm, Hoe, 09, SM32, Gn15 and 0n30, but my main focus seems to have been some form of narrow gauge and/or trams! - but now, it's now back to 009! - along with On30!!! (plus 7mm Narrow Gauge) and Gn15, and HOe and... trams...

Coombe Bridge 009

Well, since I was last on here, (21st May 2019) the  world has changed somewhat!


Now, here in Wales, nobody is going that far, which leaves us lots of modelling time...


Where did all those years go???

Ive just start on a new tramway layout... based on Blackpool/Fleetwood...
Also a short O9 layout, based on Hochenhell the bits of layouts and stock i still have...