Marchland    4mm, 00 gauge

Above: Pictures is the Townstreet station (built by Larry Goddard) on my Berwyn Preserved Railway, as exhibited at Winchcombe during the GWR175 celebrations.

Marchlands is another of my long term projects and is based on a joint ex-GWR/LMS standard gauge railway situated on the North East Wales border with Cheshire/Shropshire. It is designed to be used as a preserved railway or set in the GWR/LMS period, or indeed, BR Western/Midland Region with a change of stock/vehicles. I have most of the locomotives/rolling stock/buildings and just need to get on with construction... only space (and time!) is running out!....

I've now acquired the stock, station buildings, track and boards (two 4 foot by 18 inches boards which will give a total layout of 8 foot by 18", which will include a fiddle yard behind a low relief dairy building or a possibly a quarry.

I also have a Townstreet station building, also built by Larry Goddard, which was damaged when my original shed was attacked by a tree and let a large amount of wet water in. The rain just made a couple of the sections revert to their kit form and it was placed in a box to dry out. It was collected from its 'resting' place the other day and has been glued together and just needs some retouching/weathering.

Talking of Townstreet, I also have a untouched kit of a goods shed, which needs to be collected from storage and construction started. (OK, I don't know which box it was stored in!). 

I've also acquired a couple of ex-Ratio LMS Coaches, nicely built and painted, along with a 3 car Class 110 DMU in excellent condition, which will be ideal for this layout in its Preservation Guise. There's also a couple of two car Class 117 around - the Cambrian Railway used to run an 03 with a 117 trailing car in their early days. An 08 (in any livery), along with a train of brake vans also make a good preserved railway occurance.