This is my latest layout, originally built as a On16.5 (7mm narrow gauge) which I swapped for a load of O9 stock, but unfortunately, was caught up in a storm we had which destroyed part of our roof and damaged the shed it was kept in, causing a great amount of rainwater and a tree branch to destroy most of the scenics and baseboard top. Luckily, most of the buildings have survived.

So, I have decided to rebuild it as an O9 layout. The original O9 stock was for my ill fated "Wetlands Light Railway" layout, the most of which failed to run smoothly (rubbish chassis!) and was subsequently abandoned. For the new version, I have decided to use Kato and Bachmann chassis to power the new stock and as the baseboards are being rebuilt, I have ordered new brass and resin locomotive kits from Pepper7 and Minimum Gauge Models.

Above: Minimum Gauge Models' Lister Auto truck

Above: Minimum Gauge Models' Industrial Diesel

Above: Pepper7's Mordred

and Pepper7's steam tram...

Photos: Manufacturer's photographs featuring completed models

and an Ebay win of a 09 railbus on a Kato chassis...

I am keeping near to the original track layout, but obviously, it will now be O9, using modified Peco 009 narrow gauge track, with sleepers spaced to O9 width. Below: Photo by the original builder who was Tim (Persistant Bodger of this parish) of the original layout long before storm damage...

To quote the original builder:                                                                                                                                       The Fictitious Hockenhull railway runs along the river Gowy, Cheshire from Hockenhall to connect with the main line at Saighton. The line serves local Estates a number of flour mills and a Salt works. It was originally intended that the railway would continue east but financial restraints quashed any progress. The motive power consists of worn-out Hunslet and Peckett tank engines from the welsh quarries. These like the stock have seen better days and will no doubt see there final days on the Line.

My take on Hockenhull Platts is that in early 2014, a group of Miniature Railway Enthusiasts have got together to relay the line and intend to run leisure services using a motely collection of diesel and steam locomotives, railbuses, coaches and wagons, something along the lines of the Penrhyn Railway at Bethesda.

Above: My ex-Tramway de Gare Tigre board. The On30 track has now been removed and some of the buildings altered, one kept and it's ready for O9 track laying... I haven't decided what to do with the bridge...

Above: The track into the fiddle yard has also been removed and is also ready for track laying. The fiddle yard will be behind the woods and trees, so that the area in fornt can still be used as a car park (with UK cars!), although I may keep some of the French ones, as I do have a soft spot for French cars (I currently do drive a Peugeot - no doubt,  much to Clarkson's annoyance (LOL)!!!)

Above: The track and most of the  buildings have been removed rady for O9 track laying and will probably feature a passing loop.

The first of the new boards (which is four foot six inches by twelve inches) has had it's turntable 'hole' cut out, along with the channeled-in river, which has got a bit damaged in storage, so the banks of the river will need to be built up again with Polyfilla (or similar). The other new board is three foot six inches by twelve inches and part of it will be used as a fiddle yard if ever I do exhibit again. So most of the boards are either three or four foot in length and all twelve inches in depth and have their 'module' ends removed , so they will flow better into each other.

I've been sorting through my 7mm buildings and there are two low relief shops,which need finishing and I've also have a low relief end on modern factory and the original factory still stands on the "Tramway de gare Tigre" board and I have found some other suitable buildings, which may fit the bill or I might scratchbuild.

11th November 2015

Right, I've got both the boards out today and started work on them.

Below is my old 'Tramway de Gare Tigre" board, which has been stripped of the factories and will have shops added (one already in its rough position), but it needs finishing and its 'foundtions' removed. The relocation of the bridge is the next job to do (and finding the bridge!). Note: I must stick labels on boxes so I know what's on them!

The feeling "not too bad" didn't last from this morning, but I recovered enough (thanks to tablets) to get on with some of my O9 locomotive kits and get five working (or thereabouts) locomotives/railbuses in service... and, hopefully, tomorrow get some coach/wagon building underway.

Photographs to follow... 

Thoughts: I think I better get on with finishing the above board and the fiddle yard that goes with it, then I'll have some sort of layout to run trains and photograph them on!...  Then think of rebuilding the original board later...

In case I ever get to exhibit again, these boards should fit into my current saloon, as the rear seats do fold down giving a reasonable loading area, but it does lack height, but if the boards are about 12 inches high, it wouldn't be much of a problem.

17th November:
A selection of my O9 locomotives and railcars for Hockenhull Platts, from Pepper7, Teebee and a 'miniature railway' win off Ebay. Just need couplings, drivers and painting - and a roof for the railbus!                                  
All working, mainly on Kato chassis!