O9 HOCKENHULL PLATTS (somewhere in Cheshire)
watch this space. . .

Hockenhull Platts was a On16.5 layout I swapped for some 09 stock, but subsequently was damaged when my shed was had a large branch land on it during a storm. The large amount of rain soaked the layout and the plywood base/scenics de-laminated.
The Hockenhull Platts are based in Cheshire and are part of a route to Macclesfield from Chester.

Some members of the website Narrow Gauge Modelling Online (ngrm-online.com) have proposed a collection of 09 modules that will be joined together at exhibitions, but the idea has not been progressed and I will use Tramway de Gare Tigre as a basis for an 09 layout

This was part of my Tramway de Gare Tigre, my On30 layout (last exhibited at Crewe Heritage Centre) set in a French owned South American country and will be used as one of the layout boards for my O9 modules and is currently without its buildings and On30 track.

and I'll also use this part as the new left hand fiddle yard

Ex On30 module 'Wetlands', this is now the right hand section and has had most of the items and track removed ready for track laying