Above: More trees and undergrowth have been added to Forks - I must update the picture!

Some time ago, I acquired this module from Brian Mosby (Mozzers Models) as it was part of the CRM's set of modules, I used to exhibit in Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire areas in around 2012, with Bob Hughes, Brian and myself. When CRM folded, I also acquired the two fiddle yards that were used at both ends of the set of modues. Photo: Brian Mosby

I also acquired the above 2-8-0 from Brian, which is a Bachmann body on a 2-8-0 WD chassis, along with the 0-6-0 mogul conversion, the repainted/modified mogul and the Backwoods Camelback conversion below     Photgraphs: Brian Mosby

Forks Trestle, looking impressive!  Photo: Brian Mosby


The final layout will be 12 foot by 18 inches - or the fiddle yards could be turned through 90 degrees (by adding two 2 foot square modules) to make the layout around 8 foot by 7 foot, depending on the exhibition manager's plans or, on the other hand, Forks Trestle could be exhibited with the fiddle yards each end, making a layout 13 foot by 18 inches, with photgraphs of how it was constructed on each of the fiddle yards.

UPDATE: 27th May 2019
I've been getting on with Colorado Heritage Railroad...
Trains will be heritage passenger pulled by Bachmann Moguls and Consolidations, but as the Colorado Heritage Railroad is a live mineral railroad, freight trains will also be seen and pulled by diesel locomotives, similar to the Wensleydale Railway on Noth Yorkshire
Most of the locomotives have been built and painted (just need weathering) and so have the passenger stock. Just need to finish off the freight stock (and the fiddle yard boards, of course!!!).