GN15 Modules:

The Sandhills Estate Railway

Along with some members of the gn15 info website, I've have been making/acquiring Gn15 modules, based on the IKEA APA flat-pack boxes, available from their stores, but not as yet on online buying.

The Workshop, Sandhills Estate

This module was acquired from fellow modeller, Bob Hughes, as it was more or less the module I was going to build. The picture above shows it as it was acquired, without any modification.

The Wharf, Sandhills Estate

Another of Bob's modules.

Holmes Farm Junction,  Sandhills Estate

The idea is to make a 'layout' of these modules, as an estate railway, along with a couple of my own (currently in assembled APA boxes form! - and a fiddle yard each end.

As a further thought, I may well make the fiddle yards as APA Boxes, with scenic areas and the fiddle part behind. I'll get my 'blank' APA box from storage and give it a try!  So, I might be visiting Ikea shortly...

10th November 2015

I've been looking it my APA Boxes and I'm sure I can get the track to run through from each box to the other without too much trouble, but I really need to get them out and place them togther  to see if it's actually feasible.

A few nights ago, I converted a 7mm narrow gauge diesel to Gn15, for use on McHale's Yard, which will also run on Sandhills Estate and I've ordered a Gn15 kit of 'Katie' from Smallbrook Studio, which is currently in the postal system. 

UPDATE: 10th JULY 2018 

Right!!! I've made (yet another!!!) decision. I've decided to convert "Sandhills Estate Railway" into a open layout on boards that can be joined together and expanded or reduced to suit exhibition managers requirements - and also fit in my shed or modelling room as a roundy-roundy. End end board will become a "fiddle yard" - not for "hand in the sky" movement, but just as an estate railway would have. I intend to keep as much as Bob's APA modules as possible and have the track running through from the "workshop" fiddle yard past the Sandhills Estate workshops, past Holmes Farm Junction, (which will probably have a larger junction), past Lord McHale's garage/workshops and his collection of rally and vintage cars, through the garden centre and the public play/visiting area and past Lord McHale's House and finishing at the Sandhill Estate Wharf.

So, at an exhibition, the loco will collect coaches or wagons and  move them eventually to the Wharf, then  return to the workshops to change locos or whatever...

I've got my original ex-7mm narrow gauge shunter, based on a Bachmann 08 which has been converted to Gn15, along with a Pepper 7 Hawk motor trolley,  a Smallbrook Studios "Katie" which will have a Bachmann 0-4-0 chassis, which will be a smooth runner than the suggested Hornby chassis, and a couple of Ebay wins of Gn15 diesel shunter bodys, both that will have Bachmann Plymouth chassis. Along with a load of wagons and (not many) coaches.

WARNING: SHOCK, HORROR!!!!!  I'm considering using sound modules and possibly DCC control

I'll be shortly getting out my spare boards to see what can be used without having to buy more wood...


Must get on with my locomotive stock...