This is an idea for a new 009 gauge layout based on the Pembrokeshire based 'village' of Poppit Sands, which at one time had the idea of a extension of the railway through Newcastle Emlyn to Cardigan onwards to a small port based at Poppit Sands, which could have been developed for tourists in Victorian days. It is popular in present days as a beach to go to and relax...and have nice ice cream! 

Undecided whether to build it looking out to sea or from the sea to beach

Bellow: The one on the left is a Billard AQ50DL and the other body, a 'Caminhos de Ferro Porugueses' narrow gauge railbus. They both need a bit of fettling (but not much!), painting, glazing and seats, so they will be fitted with N gauge chassis and will become part of Poppit Heritage Railway stock...

And this "Bah Humbug" day present was a Roden kit for a Opel Blitzbug Aerobus, which will become a railbus 

Above: Although this was photograhed in Maenclochog, It would be ideal in Poppit, which isn't that too far away!

As this delightful pub is in Rosebush, which would make a lovely model...

Above: POPPIT HERITAGE RAILWAY's latest stock: A HOe Tram, diesel shunter, a Swiss Coach and a bogie wagon.