Above: This was the original On30 module built by one of CRM's members that I now own.
I intend to lengthen it to 4 foot and probably open the shed 'doors' to allow the longer engines to be stored. The Airfix/Dapol turntable has motorising unit which needs testing and possibly modifying before use. The tracks will need to be lengthened to run into the shed through the 'doors'. The water tower was usedon "Wetlands" but unfortunately got damaged and will need repair/rebuild before it retains its original place on the layout. I may widen the board, then I could use the extra space for a 'scrap' line, with wagons and old locos, etc...

Bachmann moguls (the one shown is in for a repaint) fit the space allocated, but larger locomotives, like the 2-8-0 (under rebuild) is too long to fit the siding and others with longer tenders will have the same problem. Also the turntable is the maximum length for locomotive and tender,

Above: One of my locomotives, a Backwoods Camelback conversion of a Bachmann Mogul, built by Brian Mosby of Mozzer Models.