POPPIT  SANDS         On16.5

Colorado Heritage Railroad is no more, as when I was dismantling Calle de Coronacion, the board was too damaged to use again, so I "found" three 4" by 16" board and placed the track and some of the more British type buildings on it, I thought, mmm "British On16.5 layout".
Trying one of my On16.5 locomotives, I thought "why not?" 
Then I thought "Poppit Sands in On16.5"

Above: One of the later pictures of Calle de la "Coronacion" at an exhibition, with the other CRM modules, before that background was replaced.

Above: This Mogul will be retained, but will be repainted in "Brecon Mountain Railway" colours/lettering  Model built and photographed by Brian Mosby.

I've also acquired a pair of Bachmann Railcar bodies, which will be repainted, detailed and probably motorised by a Bo-Bo chassis from a Bachmann tram.