Last year, I was given a scenic curved section from a OO gauge layout which was no longer required, but due to my medical problems, I was in no condition to work on it, so it was stored in my (crowded!) shed, while I decided what to do with it. So, now I'm fighting fit again, I've made the decision to remove the OO gauge track and build a 009 "Roundy-Roundy" type layout, which will be a lot easier for me to move to the car and set up at exhibitions.

The boards are two four foot by two foot joined at the two foot end, making a layout of eight foot by two foot with the scenic section being eight foot by eighteen inches, with a depth of six inches for the rear 'fiddle yard'. I decided to call it the "Cambrian Narrow Gauge Railway", as it was part of the previous owners OO Cambrian Railway layout.

It should be a free standing layout, as it has legs at each end, depending if they are strong enough, if not, they'll have to be strengthend, something i'll find out when the heavy rain stops and I can move them into my spare room!

Photos to follow when the thunderstorms finish...  If it's not snow, hot sun, it's thunderstorms...