FORKS TRESTLE: COLORADO HERITAGE RAILROAD   On30   Yes, Colorado Heritage Railroad still lives!!!!!

Some time ago, I acquired this layout from Brian Mosby of Mozzers Models, as it was part of the CRM set of modules, exhibited by Bob Hughes, Brian and myself, around the Cheshire and Staffordshire area, before CRM was folded and shortly after, I had the two fiddle yards to join them.

Above: Early picture by Brian Mosby on the layout. I have added more trees and  a fiddle yard one one side and a station section on the other.

The final layout will be 12 foot by 18 inches. 

Above and below are some of the stock that will be used on "Forks Trestle", currently under repaint/modifications condition.

Above: One of my locomotives, a Backwoods Camelback conversion of a Bachmann Mogul, built by Brian Mosby of Mozzer Models.

Above: This is a conversion of an 00 gauge Bachmann 2-8-0 WD with parts from a Bachmann On30 Mogul, fitted with an oil tender. Built and photographed by Brian Mosby.

And, below: One of the modules of CRM's On30 "FERROCARRIL INTERNACIONAL"  whch will be used for much of the station scene

Above: One of my On30 trams, which has now been converted to "diesel"....

Above: Tramway de Gare Tigre. The fiddle yard, behind a backscene with a roadway, which is what I envisage for Forks Trestle's fiddle yard....

UPDATE: 14th JUNE 2018
Just added a picture of the fiddle yard of Tramway de Gare Tigre, my old On30 layout which will give you an idea of what I'm proposing for Forks Trestle's fiddle yard.