CREWE CORNER  00 gauge

Originally a micro-layout, built by Tom Davidson (shown above), which I acquired and started to extend it. After a few false starts, I've now decided to rebuilt it on one 4'x 12" board, but may add another 4' x 12" board, eventually giving it an overall size of 8 foot by 12 inches.

It will now be a fairly modern image EWS/Railtrack themed layout, with locomotives entering to refuel and be serviced, along with engineering trains being loaded and shunted. And I may decide to change the name... possibly to Crewe Forge Road (around the area it will be situated) or just Crewe Green?

I've got a Bachmann class 57 Thunderbird, several Lima Class 37s, Class 47s, several Bachmann 08s, Dapol Class 150 & 155, Hornby 142, Dapol 153 and Bachmann156, along with the  prototype Deltic (motorised with a Lima 37 chassis and not far off being completed - my father in law worked for English Electric on the electrics - and perhaps, one day it will see use again), along with several suitable wagons, coaches and modern vehicles.

Crewe Corner - the new board(s)

Update 24th October 2015

Feeling a lot better today (I've only had to take one painkiller and it's now 17.00 hours!!!), so I've added some old and new track to a four foot by twelve inch board and roughly placed a couple of buildings to give an idea of what I'm looking to build...

Attached Image

The bridge is taken from an old layout and is to show the position of where a bridge might be on a 4 foot layout. The Peco engine shed will roughly be positioned where it will be (only bedded in properly!) and the low relief warehouse will be along the background, only it might be on the other side of the layout. If I'm going to bult an eight foot long layout, there will be a bridge over the join in the boards and at the start of the fiddle yard, which will be long enough to hold a two car 156 or similar. There will be sidings to hold engineering wagons, etc.

UPDATE: 17th January 2016: I'm putting this layout on hold whilst I rebuild the track layout, but I'm using the boards for ACME Chemicals, IOWA, USA, which will have a separate listing.