Interesting collection of two ex-Midland Raiway (?) vans raised up on a plinth, with a 'garage' built between them and storage underneath.  These were in Leek, if my memory serves me correctly (No doubt someone will confirm or correct me!

A selection of photographs which might be useful for ideas or reference - such as this one above of an old garage in Llanrug, North West Wales...


York - Freight avoidance line

"Tin barn" nerar Llandegla.  Photo: Carol Pritchard

Shop in Maenclochog. They often look after their "wriggly tin" in Pembrokeshire

Above: Tafarn Sinc, Rosebush. A good example of how to look after your "wriggly tin" Great pub!! - with Welsh songs on the juke box (Tony ac Aloma brought back many memories of seeing them live in Ruthin many, many years ago)!!!

This was on the 8.5-mile-long (13.7 km) line from Clynderwen through Maenclochog to Rosebush and on to the slate quaries in the Preseli mountains. Later the line carved around, just past Rosebush and mad its way through villages, before joiing the current line to Fishguard.
Stunning scenery in this area!. Most of the trackbed can be followed and would make an interesting GWR standard gauge slate railway...along with all the other usual farm type traffic. I ought to have an ideas section....


A barn in the farm we stayed at near Narberth.

Above: A barn and an interesting dry stone wall at the rear of an Art Complex on the road west from Fishguard

Above: On the way back from Narberth, we stopped at Devil's Bridge and the VOR's "Prince of Wales" kindly arrived with a train, while we were having lunch in the cafe.

Above: ...and this was photographed at Devil's Bridge on a previous visit...

A nicely original 'weathered' - (OK, it's actually original condition, as sold by the quarry and untouched since!) Hunslet, "Winifred" at Bala Lake Railway, where we called in on the way back from the Talyllyn and as we continued towards home alongside Bala lake, the Vulcan flew over the lake towards the Irish sea, as part of its final flight path over North Wales!
All superb, from the Talyllyn to the Vulcan!!!!

A tin-roofed garage in Blaenau Festiniog on the road out to Festiniog. Photograph by Carol Pritchard from the passenger seat. We were in a bit of a rush to get home, but next time, I'll stop and get some better photographs! Nice colours - drifting into rust!