PORTH EYRYI 009/HOe (ish!!!)

Below: the layout in "plan" view. The area on thje lower right is where thw "inspection" hole fits to enable track to be cleaned and trains "found!!!"

Somewhere in the wilds of North Wales...

This was an Ebay win in 2011 and is an unfinished 4'x2' 'Rabbit Warren' style 009 layout. All the track works, so I just need to sort some of the electrics, then ballasting and scenics can commence. Bought originally for my collection of HO narrow gauge trams, I may well add some steam locomotives and small diesels to cover the maintenance trains.

Originally, I decided to set it in the  Hautes-Alpes region of France, in the provence of Alpes-Cote d'Azur and is an area I'm familiar with, but in snowy conditions, as I undertook the Croisiere Blanche (a 4x4 snow driving event) in 1998. The model won't bear any likeness to a town or railway in the area, as it's all in my mind! The area it is set in is east of Gap, which has featured in the WRC Monte Carlo Rally and the Tour de France a few times, especially in 2011. 

I thought 'Ancelle' was the village we stayed in during the 'Croisiere', but that turned out to be Orcieres-Merlette, but I still considered Ancelle to be a good name for the layout!

This old layout was 'found' in my other shed and I had forgotten about it...
I've tried to built it as "Le Tour", but it wouldn't work out properly, as the road bridge to carry the cyclists over the track needed to be large enough to carry a two car road, plus a layby to hold a number of spectator's mobile homes and cars, so by the time that was added, along with the backscene, it wouldn't fit in my car.


So, I've decided to build it as Cyril would have (possibly?) intended, which appears to be a village. possibly? with a slate mine nearby and a station/shops nearby, a bit like Corris???. 

At that time mid to late 1960s, I assume Cyril was suggesting that Eggerbahn/Minitrains and the like locomotives were used, but in that time they were not very reliable, but as they are still with us (in greatly improved form), they shouldn't be a problem anymore, added to that, we now have Kato mechanisms with various body kits...

UPDATE: It appears that it was a Cyril Freezer plan, but it has been slightly modified and appeared in the Railway Modeller, November 1965 issue and in an early track plan booklet for small layouts, so I'll amend it similar to Cyril's plan...


A spend some time in the 1960s in Croesor, as a friend was rebuilding an abandoned  cottage, so I may well build it as Cyril intended with a Welsh slate village similar to Corris and/or Croesor. depening on how long this Lockdown lasts.

Stay safe, Tony